Smooth Jazz Weekend Radio Show on Good Talk Radio

Featured on Good Talk Radio Friday’s at 8pm, Arizona Time.

The Smooth Jazz Weekend is an online radio show that focuses on modern contemporary jazz featuring INDEPENDENT ARTISTS ONLY. The purpose of this show is to discover, promote and introduce to jazz lovers, fans and listeners ONLY the BEST indie jazz music you will find.

Hosted By Former CBS Producer & Award Winning Music Producer Tina E. Clark (Tina E. )

Tina’s career as a songwriter started in the basement of a church. Perhaps that’s because she didn’t have a piano at home and couldn’t afford music lessons. “ I remember being in the church youth choir and during service I would sneak to the basement where there was an old upright piano. It was dark in the basement and I didn’t want to turn the light on out of fear of getting caught, so I settled for the light coming from an old Coke machine. That’s how I learned to play piano because I would do this at every service. I eventually went on to learn to play other instruments through summer programs and school music programs. Tina is no stranger to the stage.”I was minister of music/ worship leader at my church for many years before branching off to write and produce other styles of music.” Tina’s ultimate goal as a songwriter/producer is to write music that feels good with positive messages.

Music That Feels Good…