Advertise Show or Business

Would you like to advertise with us, or run your radio or podcast show on Good Talk Radio?

We have setup a easy and affordable process.
* All advertising must be paid prior to running ads, or talk shows.
* All shows will be advertised through of Social Network (Facebook, Twitter).

Commercial Ads:
All of our shows feature commercial time, and we would love to have your business.
We will run your commercial for the following cost: All paid commercials will pay 1 to 3 times an hour.

30 sec. commercial – $25 a month
60 sec. commercial – $50 a month.

If you have a talk radio show, or podcast you would like to run, here is our program:
All talk shows will run weekly, at agreed time.

30 min. show – $50 a month
60 min. show – 100 a month

Special packages maybe requested for the following.
* Streaming talk shows
* Two time slots for fresh show, and one for prior shows.

Please contact us through our contact page, of call us at 541-548-0958, Thanks
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