Welcome! The Kiler Davenport Show. Mon, Tues & Weds at 7pm Mtn Time

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Hosted by: Philip D Anderton
Our goal was always to build a team of both veteran and novice producers and cross promote each other and to
make this team as diverse as possible. We want to thank Good Talk Radio for giving us this opportunity to syndicate.
APRI is all about hard coreĀ  reality. We dig deep into the dark state, we cover the new world order, we go where
many stations are afraid to go. We empower, we train, and we educate those who want to be prepared for what is coming.
We are proud of our subjective approach to the news considering all of the main stream propaganda that is out there.
We also talk about life and living, education, health care, homelessness, the economy, chemtrails, forced vaccination,
space weapons, human communication, and so much more, Please tune in and enjoy. If you want to be a guest on the show,
just email to dkiler2010@gmail.com.