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We start our morning off discussing current news and gun control. We have trolls in our stream this morning and we settle that problem quickly.

We talk to Lisa about how her trip back home went. We are glad she is well this morning and surprised how fast she got to Florida and managed to avoid a ticket.

We hear about a facial transplant. That seems like a strange thing to do and consider doing.

We talk about the polar bear plunge. Would you do it? Jumping into cold water for a cause. Special needs groups get sponsors for the event and it has become so popular that it is even held in different parts of the country.

We talk about Marquise Goodwin and the sad news for him over the weekend.

After his wife, Morgan, encouraged him to play, the usually dapper Goodwin arrived in sweats, having come directly from the hospital after their son was delivered stillborn in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Goodwin hadn’t slept after spending the night by his wife’s side and he was about to play in a professional football game wholly unprepared, save for the two most important influences in his life: his faith and his wife.

We discuss this to also talk about Jimmy Fallon who just returned to TV after taking a week off. His mother passed away and he needed some personal time. Can’t blame the guys. We all mourn differently.

We talk to Clay Lowe from Radio Warwickshire in The UK. He recently picked up 2 of our shows and it’s nice to have a fellow radioman on with us! Originally from New Jersey, he started in radio 5 years ago. Clay was a great sport and a great addition to the morning show this morning. Even at 2 in the afternoon, he was a lot of fun to chat with and we had a lot of fun with him.

We discuss several news things with rapid fire. We discuss a woman who felt so moved by honor guard removing the body of a fallen soldier from a Plane asked to sing the national anthem and was denied. We also discuss GQ magazine who is honoring Colin Koppernick as ” Citizen of the year” instead of someone else. There has been much backlash and discussion regarding that decision. We talk to Clay and ask his opinion regarding the matter and what the opinion is of the public there in the U.K.

We check in with Ed Munoz. He is currently working in PR as armed personnel helping to establish some kind of order and security there. We get an inside scoop on whats going on since the hurricane and learn why it hasn’t yet been restored. We are forever grateful for Ed and the information he helped share


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Kop and Crew No Holds Barred Morning Show – Tuesday

Well, good morning to you!

Lisa is back on the road to Florida and she joins us via Skype this morning with Jayce.

This morning we start the morning with the Harmonic Tide a Barbershop quartet singing us some song this morning. It’s a great way to start the show. Not how your normal radio show starts off and it’s wonderful! It’s rather… Peaceful. They start the show off on such a great note, great sound and it was great to meet them. Eric and his Father used to be in a quartet many years ago before his father passed away. Eric joined the quartet this morning and it was very touching. Check them out www.harbormen.org 631-766-9153 they are also on Facebook and Youtube.

Gary Jacobs is in the studio. He is discussing his friend YaYa Mcclain’s new movie. They are discussing the movie and some of the guests they have in the movie. It’s a very emotional movie as well as stories that are being told. It’s going to be a very surreal movie and we are interested to see how the premiere goes. Best of luck to them. We hear from Brian Lee. He is another radio host related to Parental Alienation. We discuss the “Cash me outside” girl and her father. Her father was on Brian’s show. He is going to be back on Brians show again soon.

We had a lot of vsual demonstrations and things to see. We are live on camera every morning. Join us from 7-10 (A.M EST) and watch us on


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