Now Featured on Good Talk Radio Saturday’s at 1pm Mtn. Time

Now Featured on Good Talk Radio Saturday’s at 1pm Mtn. Time

Gold Radio is back, the talk show all about gold!
Join us every Tuesday evening as your host Bobby Freedom along with Co-host Mel Fernandez talk gold. We share information about the gold prospecting community, take listener calls, interview gold industry experts, geologists and people from national gold shows on television.

Join us in our chat room to post your own questions and qualify to win some great free prizes and gold nuggets. We feature new guest speakers every week from companies and organizations in the gold prospecting industry, as well as gold investment professionals from the financial sector, who will answer questions about investment gold.

About Us:

Bobby Freedom is a seven year gold prospector who has experience mining in six U.S. States.
He has  been a member of AMRA and the Gold Prospectors Association of America for several years. He has also been a radio broadcaster since 1993 and a DJ since 1986.

Mel Fernandez has been involved with the gold mining industry several years and is a California native.

Mel is an avid prospector and has been a spokesperson in the industry for a long time.
She has helped with the fight against governmental over-regulation and mining restrictions actively preserving the right to mine for gold in USA. She also has a few goats in the yard 🙂